Support for A Victim of Internet Harassment

Leave Me Alone

“You consistently harass me on the internet
Would you please leave me the HELL alone
You have no value, you have no class
I wish someone would diminish your A**”

Eve 831

At the outset, I am deeply troubled by Soroya Fambro’s recent attack on blogger Xena and her blog We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident.  I’ve watched for months and taken the recommendation to ignore.  There are other recommendations and one is to give emotional support to victims of internet harassment and cyberstalking.  It is time that I speak up in support of my friend, Xena.

The harassment includes vicious lies, doxing the wrong people, threats to increase the harassment, and a death wish that the harassment will cause Xena’s death by heart attack.

Here’s a sample of what the harasser is doing so readers can understand why I feel the need to support my friend. Soroya’s tweets might look confusing because they are retweets of herself to herself.

September 13, 2016. Soroya apparently doesn’t like White people, or White people who advocate equal justice for all.


September 28, 2016.  Soroya’s comment is abusive towards the elderly and she is threatening to sue “Barbara Wells”  and then come after another person and Word Press for what Soroya describes as something she volunteered for that involves  “raping & assulting (sic) false arrest & @Walmart assault.” Soroya’s problem is that she has Xena’s name wrong.


September 29, 2016. I’m taking note of Soroya’s death threat.  Soroya Fambro aka S. Mitchell-Fambro, aka @sofambro90, has threatened to kill Xena indirectly by putting out what she believes is Xena’s personal information and intentionally, maliciously, harassing her.

The below tweet states that it is Soroya’s intent to give “Barbara Wells” who Soroya believes is Xena who is an 80 year old white woman, a heart attack. This amounts to intentional infliction of emotional distress, with such conduct being actionable in a Court of law.

It might be hard to understand with the emojis so this is the interpretation of the below.

“set that appointment with a pill heart doctor quick clock ticking party bus gonna give your dumbass a heart attack on computer. “  Soroya made that threat on September 29, 2016.


On October 4, 2016  I went back to Twitter to get the URL to the above tweet and embed it in the date like the rest of the tweets above but Soroya has apparently deleted it.   I subsequently found the link and embedded it.

A Google Search supports that Soroya tweeted the threat.


Xena blogs about equality for all, love overcoming hate, and being compassionate and emphatic.  She also writes for encouragement, humor, and photos to inspire goodness and joy.  In July of 2015, Xena opened another blog.  You can read her reason for opening it here.

Soroya is Being Coached By Santiago Rodriguez In Her Harassment and Death Threats of Xena.

In September 2013, Think Progress published that Steve Blackwell, the Chief of the Lake Mary, Florida police department, said that George Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook waiting to happen.  George Zimmerman is the man who killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

When Think Progress originally published the story about the email, they did not redact the sender’s name and email address.

The email has major punctuation errors, some grammatical errors, and misspellings.  For instance, “Chief” is misspelled “Cheif.” People make mistakes when they type, some more than others.  This point is made because it led to events that are relevant.

The writer to the Chief took the position to tell the Chief how to do his job in the case between George Zimmerman and his wife, and threatened the Chief that unless he charged Zimmerman, “we will demand the Justice department to investigate the way your department handled this investigation and how potentially you had assisted in a cover up.”


The email is bullying because the case does not involve anything that the DOJ has jurisdiction to investigate and the person who wrote the email is not a “we.”  You can read the entire email exchange here.  It will give you a glimpse into the mind of the person who initiated the email.

The person who wrote the email was on social media using handles and after the headlines took off he decided to come out and take credit as the author of the email to the Chief.  He revealed his name as Santiago C. Rodriguez.  Some people were happy with the headlines and did not otherwise pay attention to the content of the email.  But George Zimmerman’s supporters did pay attention.

A man named David Piercy came after Santiago and the back and forth harassment began.   Santiago was ridiculed and accused of being illiterate.  The back and forth between David and Santiago extended into doxing including family members.  Both men have been divorced.  Santiago ridiculed David for being divorce and David found a docket sheet from Santiago’s divorce showing a violation of a restraining order against Santiago and called him a “woman beater.”

In May 2014 in Fresno, CA, David Piercy filed for a restraining order against Santiago Rodriguez.  Another blogger (miamidecor) referred Santiago to Xena because of her experience being harassed by David.  Xena gave Santiago some of the comments that David had sent to her blog.  Santiago told Xena that his attorney said he could not use the comments as evidence of David’s character unless she made Santiago a writer for her blog.  Santiago appeared at the hearing. Piercy lost in court.

Then Santiago filed for a restraining order against David.  Santiago went to court without a lawyer.  David did not appear at the hearing.  Santiago won.

According to an appeal decision, after Santiago was granted the restraining order against David, Santiago began harassing David online, including posting photoshopped porn pictures with David’s face superimposed.  David went back to court to get a restraining order against Santiago but the court denied him because it involved the same allegations as the first case that was on appeal.  David filed an appeal to that order  David or some of his friends posted photos of Santiago’s house, his wife, where his wife worked, and docket sheets of criminal cases involving Santiago.

Santiago filed a petition to have David found in contempt for violating the restraining order.  That was in January 2015.  Until then, Santiago managed to write one post for Xena’s blog.  As the story goes, after Santiago filed the contempt against Piercy, he reached out to Xena again and Xena referred him to an attorney in Los Angeles.  Santiago retained that attorney and he latched onto Xena for emotional support on the purported basis that it would stop him from feeling he needed to retaliate online against David’s harassment.

Santiago’s Public Appreciation for Xena’s Support

I’ve followed Xena’s blog since  2012.   By following her blogs, I’ve learned about presentation.  That was a benefit because it is helping me to lay this out.  Xena is a good, patient, teacher.  She has not only helped me understand using Word Press but she has helped other bloggers too.

Xena is the type of person you want for a friend.  She is not judgmental and if she believes you are wrong about something, she takes time to explain why without making you feel bad about yourself.

Xena’s spiritual beliefs are witnessed in her character and actions.  Xena is not only a woman, she is a LADY.

Santiago must have experienced and believed what I know to be true of Xena.  He publicly posted the following.  The dates are direct links to his comments.

From November 13, 2014.


From October 8, 2015.


I found many comments by Santiago thanking Xena but selected the two above to show the time frame. What I can see from Santiago’s own comments is that from November 2014 through October 2015, he displayed public appreciation for Xena’s support.

Xena took on attacks from people who assumed that because Santiago wrote for her blog that he had Xena one hundred percent on his side.   Xena is not like that.  She got on me once for not being clear in a comment on her blog that could offend another person.

Santiago’s Threats To Xena

Something snapped with Santiago on November 22, 2015.  That was just a little more than a month since he wrote the comment above thanking Xena for everything she did for him.

When I first observed Soroya’s and Ghetto Data’s attack on Xena on Twitter in December 2015, I asked Xena what kicked it off.  She did not say anything other than she made a blog administration’s decision. Santiago’s writer’s privileges were terminated.  Santiago started a disrespectful, dishonest, cruel, attack on her.  If Santiago acts this way for something he was not paid to do that he seldom did anyway, what will he do if terminated from a real job?

I honor Xena’s strength to stay silent as long as she did.  She has endured harassment that was not limited to Twitter but things that Santiago did to his word press account to impersonate Xena across Word Press.  (See Addendum at end of post.)  There is more that Santiago has done in stealth, but it always gets back to Xena because people do not like what Santiago is doing.   I also honor her for venting to me because the harassment has gone on too long.  Xena was venting not knowing that I’m writing or planned to write this and she might not agree with me doing this but I hope she and readers understand that this is my public showing of support to and for her.

She told me that on the morning of November 23, 2015, Santiago phoned her shouting profanities, calling her out of her name, and hung up.  She didn’t get a chance to say a word.  When she logged on her computer later that afternoon, she discovered a load of emails from Santiago that he sent before he phoned her, and about 10 direct messages from @Theho0dRept after Santiago phoned her.   Theho0dRept told her that he was offended and that she owed Santiago an apology and to please continue being Santiago’s friend.

No one would have known that Xena and Santiago had a disagreement had it not been for Santiago going on the rampage on Twitter.

I viewed some of the emails that Santiago wrote to Xena along with some of his tweets since November 23, 2015.  From the content of his emails, Santiago made veiled threats to spread rumors about Xena to ruin her reputation as a blogger.  He tried to denigrate her college educated adult son who served 12 years in the Armed Forces, and made fun of her spiritual beliefs.  He made fun of her saying she was so old that she probably wasn’t menstruating anymore. He insulted her spiritual beliefs for refusing to lie about David and spread rumors about others saying she would never survive in jail because she didn’t believe in “pushing back.”

Santiago also made a veiled threat to restart the rumor that was started by internet extortionists against Xena in 2013 that Xena’s real name is “Barbara Wells.”  (Who cares what her real name is?) Through Soroya, Santiago is also attacking Xena’s son who has had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened between Santiago and Xena.

After blocking Santiago’s email address, Xena said that he started emailing her from another email address.  She blocked his phone number but received a call out of Santa Ana, CA one night and thought it was Santiago using his wife’s cell phone.  Santiago spammed her blog with comments calling her by various last names and demanded that she delete the posts that he had written about his cases from the blog.

One of the things that I picked up is that Santiago thinks that because he talked with Xena,  people will think that Xena gave him her personal information beyond what she shares online.   Xena told me that she never told Santiago her son’s name.  The only thing that Xena gave to Santiago on a personal level is her telephone number (appears private on caller ID) and email address.

Santiago, you are doxing the wrong people. 

Santiago is out to make Xena’s life miserable by spreading rumors including that she is colluding with David against Santiago.   I wondered why Santiago would continue being represented by the lawyer that Xena referred him to if he thinks that Xena is colluding against him in the case, and think I can answer that based on a post Xena wrote.  Santiago wants to cause trouble between Xena and the lawyer and he loses that opportunity if he hires another attorney.

Santiago also made Xena aware that his plan was to blame her for people such as David being harassed.  Everything that he did to David and others, he was going to blame Xena for it.  He already started that off with the following through Soroya.


Santiago is carrying out his threat but doesn’t give Vicki Pate credit for knowing that the plaintiff was represented by a lawyer and that lawyer’s name is not “Barbara Wells.”

Soroya Admits She Does Not Know Xena

Soroya,  @sofambro90  on September 16, 2016 admits that she doesn’t know Xena and doesn’t know miamidecor (who referred Santiago to Xena).


Soroya tweeted that Xena is not honest on her blogs, but as further proof that Soroya doesn’t know Xena, believes that Xena is honest, but is taking direction from Santiago to say otherwise, Soroya posted a link on her Google+ plus page to one of Xena’s blogs in support of its content.


Soroya has Xena blocked on Twitter, but I can read her tweets.  Soroya’s harassment on Xena quieted down after March 2016 and started up again on September 10, 2016.  I bold that because the date might be important to anyone knowing Santiago and why he waited months to start harassing Xena again through Soroya.

On September 29, 2016, gave stats that Soroya tweeted to Xena, (@XenaBb7), 67 times over the course of her last 200 tweets.  That is obsessive.  That is harassment.  But since it’s Twitter, and because Soroya is harassing from behind a block, Twitter doesn’t see it as “direct harassment” so they allow it to continue.



As you can see from her tweets Soroya sometimes includes the hashtag “Kendrick Johnson.”  People on both sides of the position of whether Kendrick Johnson died by accident or was killed follow that hashtag, David Piercy being one of them. Sure enough, David did join in with Soroya’s harassment of Xena.  David’s Twitter handle is @l4wstud3nt28 @SJCLawStudent25.

He tweeted to miamidecor telling her to tell “Barbara Wells”/ Xena that he likes her house.  He changed his profile photo to a Google satellite photo of three lovely houses.  David might have done that to show Soroya that “Barbara Wells” does not live in a “tin tuna can” as Soroya said in another tweet but  I truly wish that David and his friends did not help out Soroya in her harassment of Xena because that is just what Santiago wants.  I humbly ask David and others to not let Santiago use you.

Santiago’s harassment of Xena directly and through Soroya are rinses and repeats of things that Santiago knows were said about Xena before he met her.   Xena posted about internet extortionists alleging her purported real name that started in 2013.  One post published July 11, 2015 is at this link.  Another published July 12, 2015 is at this link. As read on Xena’s blog, Santiago stole the idea about Xena’s identity from David and other people who Santiago believes are liars who harassed him and his family.

Soroya, if you wanted Xena to read your legal threats and demands, why didn’t you post to the blog that calls you out for harassment, rather than do your bullying behind a block on Twitter?    Here is Soroya’s demanding tweet.  You will need to read the bottom portion first that Soroya retweeted to herself.


I’m going to answer this for Soroya. Xena didn’t say it was a “psychologist.”  She said it was a”psychiatrist.”  Her comment was compassionate and I thought that Xena was actually making excuses for Soroya’s harassment. I’m going to give Soroya the proof she demands.  Here’s a screenshot from the docket sheet, and this link contains the full docket report.


See the forth entry.  It is sentencing for petit larceny and says “CONTINUE TO ATTEND COUNSELING W/DR RON ZEDEK”.  Dr. Ron Zedek is a recognized psychiatrist.

Soroya, this is what happens when you make demands to “produce this evidence from your blog.”   Your sentencing is public record.  How do you like this knowing that Santiago lit your fire to pick a fight and death wish on a person you don’t know?

Soroya and Santiago Must Stop

Soroya and Santiago, stop harassing Xena.  Stop harassing miamidecor, and don’t start harassing anyone connected to Xena.   Your criminal backgrounds show that you have no respect for the law, for others, neither yourselves.  Soroya, you’ve been convicted of home invasion.  You’ve taken your criminal nature to the internet using it to interfere in Xena’s peace and real life.

Stop your harassment and please don’t rub me the wrong way.  Unlike you, I don’t have to prove that Santiago Carlos Rodriguez is Santiago Carlos Rodriguez, or that Soroya Ann Fambro is Soroya Ann Fambro, or scour the internet for court cases or information for your namesakes or make up another name for you and say it’s you.

There is no room for negotiations.  Soroya can delete her tweets but she has no authority to delete David’s tweets about Xena.  You started a plugged up toilet filled with excrement that ran all over the floor.  You cannot un-ring the bell.

I REPEAT.  I am not Xena.  I am not LIKE Xena.  I have documents that David doesn’t know about.

Soroya, you’ve made a public record on your Twitter timeline that you communicate with Santiago.  Each time a hearing is scheduled in his case against David, you tweet condescending things to and/or about David.  You also tweet out what happened in court.  You’ve also tweeted that you didn’t tell a person what happened in court because you didn’t want them telling Xena.  So don’t lie and say that Santiago is not telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Santiago, just keep in mind that regardless of who you say Xena is or what she is NOW, you had no problem relying on her day end and out for emotional support.  You used her blog to ask for donations to your legal fund.  You used her blog to share your side of the story on the cases with David.   Darn man! She couldn’t put up an Open Discussion without your only comment being something about your case with David!! You used her blog to meet others.   You used her blog to defend yourself.   It was a lousy attempt in my opinion because you can’t be charged with violating a restraining order unless there’s a restraining order against you.

I’m pretty sure that I don’t stand alone when saying that your reason for attacking, threatening and telling lies about Xena is because you can no longer use her.

Leave my friend and her family alone.


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        1. My dear friends (NavyDad0007),
          This song is special to me, and I am honored to share it with you who are special to me. When I just watched the video, I saw where the song reflects your love to each other as a couple, and what you consistently do for others — make them happy — make them strong. Thank you for being by my side.

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  1. Well sambo is at it again. She has me blocked but for some reason i get them as notifications on my phone. i see she’s threatening to sue ppl again & i implore her to speak to a real attny&stop making a fool of herself.
    I already took time to respond to her idiocy a couple weeks ago. And now, regrettably, those few moments are some i’ll never get back.
    Hopefully she’ll listen to you.

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    1. Shannon,
      She seems to be threatening you for blogging something about her. I follow your blog and don’t see anything that you blogged about her. In fact, you haven’t blogged anything for months. It must be another one of those situations where she’s listening to Santiago and thinks he is telling the truth.

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  2. Supabutterfly,
    Tears of appreciation have taken over my ability to find words to express my gratitude. Soroya has me blocked on Twitter and I did not know much of what you have screenshot of her tweets.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    1. Xena,

      It is my pleasure my friend. This has got to stop. Although, I am an advocate of free speech, I cannot condone the obvious bullying and Soroya’s inflammatory diatribe in her efforts to cause you harm. You have done NOTHING TO HER. Her unbridled behavior has gone unchecked far too long. We as defenders of justice must be above reproach. Soroya as a professed defender of justice is derelict in her duty.

      Isaiah 42:3-4
      “A bruised reed He will not break And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice. “He will not be disheartened or crushed Until He has established justice in the earth;” And the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law.”

      Romans 5:3-4
      “And not only this, but we also exault in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope;”

      Matthews 5:11
      “How blessed are you whenever people insult you, persecute you, and say all sorts of evil things against you falsely because of me!

      Keep up the good work my friend, finish the course.
      Supa “ELG” Butterfly.

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  3. I typically would not write something to aid or assist Xena but this time is the exception.

    This is Piercy.

    At no time ever has Xena aided, assisted, colluded with or helped me with anything.

    You and Xena have my permission to publish this on your various blogs in order to clear up this rumor.

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      1. Thank You.

        Santiago is currently trying to sue the Washington State Department of Corrections over the release of the rest of his felony record.

        He is ultimately going to lose the case because in order to enjoin the release he has to prove that the records are exempt from release to the general public.

        A claim the records are exempt from release to one or more individuals which Santiago is claiming is legally insufficient in Washington.

        Documents are in link below

        (Supabutterfly removed link to purported personal information)

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  4. Just a heads up …. there is a high probability of escalating harassment by Santiago

    There is a pending judgment of acquittal motion to be heard Oct 14 that Santiago is frantically trying to have stricken from the docket because he big time failed to produce any evidence in support of his case.

    Be on alert if he case gets dismissed on the 14th as it should he is going to be on a rampage


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