Cyberharassers Make Direct Threats To Blogger, Xena – Update

Soroya Fambro has changed her Twitter name from S. Mitchell-Fambro to “The Real Deal.”   Her @ handle is still @sofambro90 as of today.

As of July 29, 2017, Soroya Fambro has had two Twitter accounts suspended.  We now suspect that she has been replaced by a woman named Judy who has been suspended from Twitter numerous times, but always returns to do whatever Santiago Rodriguez wants when he’s ready to open another chapter of defaming and ridiculing of Xena.

From Soroya Fambro’s Public Google+ page.

Santiago has had Soroya and the person suspected to be Judy go on a rampage on Twitter and claim that Xena’s name is “Barbara Wells.”  Because of their blog administrator-writer association, he knows the state where Xena resides.

If you go on Google and search for “Barbara Wells” “Illinois” the returns include a children’s play writer, a published author, a Unitarian minister, and a woman who filed for unemployment and appealed the decision.

Out of all of them, which person do you think Santiago choose to accuse of being Xena?   The one in the unemployment decision.   That comes as no surprise because that claim was made by people who once harassed Xena.  One of them is the man who Santiago filed for a restraining order against.   Santiago now uses that man’s accusations although for years, he claimed that the man lied about everything.

In a post that Santiago wrote in January 2015, he stated that Xena’s real name is not “Barbara Wells.”

Evidently, after Xena terminated him as a writer for her blog, Santiago changed his mind and decided to pick up the lie of those who previously harassed Xena.  That was in January, 2015 BUT WAIT FOR IT.  On July 18, 2017, Santiago tweeted that he only knows Xena as Xena.  


(His Twitter handle has been partially redacted and the handle removed for the person he tweeted to.  This is because Santiago has only 3 Twitter followers and would love having attention brought to his Twitter handle.)

In the below threat, if Soroya purports that miamidecor’s name is Shannon Lear, then she is threatening the person who referred Santiago Rodriguez to Xena when he was seeking help challenging a petition for a restraining order against him.  Here is a link that gives the background on how Xena met Santiago Rodriguez.

In her tweet below, Soroya says she has “both fingers up.” Don’t confuse that with “two fingers up” which indicates a double-f**k.    Soroya indicates putting both fingers up on the same hand to pull the trigger on a gun.


Santiago Rodriguez initially used a photo of himself as his gravatar on Word Press.  He had santiagos-first-bloga blog in the handle he used.

At some point after November 22, 2015, Santiago changed the handle on his Word Press account from “scrodriguez” to “Xena.”  He stole Xena’s Gravatar photo and put it on his account. This changed the name of the writer on his blog posts to “Xena.”  All of his comments appeared with Xena’s Gravatar.   All of the “like” he clicked on blogs appeared as Xena’s Gravatar.

Movie character Castor Troy used by Santiago as his Gravatar profile photo after 02/2016.

Xena discovered this in February 2016 and contacted Word Press.   Word Press took the situation to email so I don’t know what happened thereafter other than Santiago deleted his blog.

Santiago opened another blog with the Gravatar photo and handle of a character named Castor Troy from the movie Face Off.

The movie character Castor Troy is described as a “domestic terrorist, homicidal psychopath.”

Santiago’s second blog was to convey a message to Xena.    It depends on if you know and find where Santiago posted comments on word press blogs.  Hovering over his gratavar shows his profile handle as Castor Troy at times, and the1udontphukwith at other times.  You can Google  “scrodriguez”and “the1udontphukwith”.  One search return is to Intense Debate.  Intense Debate is a service/program that automatically opens when people open a blog with word press and other blogging platforms.



Santiago has deleted that blog but his gravatar photo remains on one of  Xena’s blogs.  You can see Santiago’s Castor Troy‘s Gravatar photo on one of Xena’s blogs by clicking the link here.

Do not be mistaken thinking that Soroya’s and Santiago’s symbols and words are forms of mere intimidation.   Santiago started threatening  Xena on 11/23/2015.  In December 2015 he incorporated the help of Soroya on Twitter to verbally abuse Xena and by February 2016, Soroya started spreading rumors about Xena’s blogs and harassed everyone who showed support for her on Twitter, such as miamidecor and shyloh.

Santiago has been at it directly or indirectly for almost 11 months.   As of July 2017, Santiago has been at it for over a year and a half.  That shows obsession and should be taken seriously.

I repeat.  Do not be mistaken thinking that Soroya’s and Santiago’s symbols and words are  forms of mere intimidation.  Soroya Fambro and Santiago Rodriguez are both convicted felons.  In Las Vegas, Nevada, Soroya has a  conviction for assaulting a police officer and home invasion.  She managed to have 3 or 4 charges of domestic violence dismissed in other cases in exchange for plea bargains.

From Santiago’s Facebook page “Diego Rodriguez”

In the State of Washington, Santiago served time in prison for selling cocaine and in 1995, he told an undercover officer that he has a criminal history and had shot someone.

There are inmates who learn from other prisoners so they can try committing crimes and not be caught or leave evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.  They know how to lie.  They use aliases, street names and nick names.

He does that now by having Soroya call him “Diego” as seen in one of her tweets on 10/7/2016.


Silent victims cannot connect the dots, cannot explain that things said by the perpetrator as past events or facts (that never happened) were actual veiled threats.    I am taking the threats against my friend Xena seriously and putting them here.

There’s another reason this should be made public.  Santiago and Soroya are doxing the wrong people.  Innocent people can fall victim to this pair’s actions.

The criminal who thinks he is smart gets others to do his dirty work for him.  I’m getting to that point later but wanted to get this up, for your edification.


11 thoughts on “Cyberharassers Make Direct Threats To Blogger, Xena – Update”

  1. Unbelievable! I had no idea! I cant believe that i ever associated with that guy. I thought he was a TrayvonMartin supporter but he’s more like a typical zimmerman fanboy, only in reverse!
    (Supabutterfly’s edit to remove what can fan flames to personal attack. Sorry to have to do it.)
    But Santiago better recognize that Sofa has obvious mental/emotional issues. She’s unhinged & violent. Either one of those qualities are bad enough but even worse together. She’s a female Greg Gilett. (You’ll have to look him up, but he’s another one who started off stalking ppl online, & now he’s prison bound for threats w/a firearm, among other crimes)

    But I think Santiago’s in for a surprise with Sofa.
    His 1st clue something was wrong with her was when she said yes while EVERYONE ELSE he tried to get to harass xena said no. Normal people just wont agree to start harassing someone they don’t even know just because some butthurt schmuck on twitter tells them to.
    Unfortunately for Santiago, by the time he regrets recruiting Sofa to harass us on his behalf, it’s gonna be too late.

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    1. Shannon,
      Here’s a big hug, dear friend.
      About 2 weeks ago, Denise Souriall asked me to call her. She said that she sees “Diego” as a little boy — someone so emotionally harmed as a kid that it stunted his growth. She told me how excited he was when thinking he found me on Facebook and doxed me. I’m not on Facebook, which is another subject that caused contention between us because he wanted me to open a Facebook account and go to where Piercy posts and pick a fight with him. When I refused he said he would get “The Hood” to do it and a minute later while he and I were still on the phone, there was a tweet by the Hood mocking Piercy.

      According to Denise Souriall, “Diego” told her that his mom was arrested for prostitution and died in jail. His step-dad sued and the state settled; put the money in a Trust, and he is paid monthly from an annuity. She said that according to “Diego,” he gets more per month than she gets from her pension. Yet, she donated a $100 to him to help him pay his legal bill. AND HE TOOK IT.

      But the thing about Denise Souriall saying he was like a little boy does not relinquish him from his actions. Even the court system treated him like an adult when he became of age to be charged as an adult.

      I feel sorry for Soroya but not so sorry that she can’t be held accountable for her actions. You are so right that she should have gotten a clue. He coined the phrase “KJ23” but she is the only person from that team who is duped by him.

      Another thing that Denise Souriall told me —- “Diego” started dictating to Soroya what to tweet on September 10, 2016 when his wife was out of town. Also, she sold the townhouse. I suppose he thought it safe to start the harassment and defamation again since he doesn’t think I have his address to serve him for violating the cease and desist he agreed to back in March.

      Several weeks after Denise and I talked by phone, I got a call from Santiago’s attorney. Apparently, Denise spoke with Santiago and he twisted much of our conversation to complain to his attorney that he was discussing the contempt case with me. I was also wrongfully accused of being you and Shyloh. In other words, Denise Souriall assisted Santiago Rodriguez in his agenda to interfere with a 16-year friendship between me and his attorney.


      “Unfortunately for Santiago, by the time he regrets recruiting Sofa to harass us on his behalf, it’s gonna be too late.”

      He will never regret recruiting her, and will not regret if they get into a fight. He likes the fight. She likes breaking into houses after men have put her out, so he might be the one on the end of being really damaged.

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    2. Shannon,

      “Unbelievable! I had no idea! I cant believe that i ever associated with that guy.”

      I’ve been thinking about this since reading your comment the other day. I too have felt very regrettable about associating with him. Here is what I think happened where we did not have reason to know or suspect him. You, I, and many others met on blogs in 2012. SR was on Twitter and as I understand it, no one knew him prior to the July 13, 2013 verdict in Zimmerman’s case.

      When he reached out for help with the harassment situation, it was to bloggers. Well stupid me — he said he was interested in learning about blogging. After a few months, a couple of things clued me in as to why he was not interested. There was no way for him to privately talk with people on blogs. He had writer privileges on BB7 and with that came access to the moderation queue. I don’t remember any first-time commenters during the time he had writer privileges. In other words, he didn’t gain access to email addresses of those commenting, and that disappointed him. He seems to like social media where he can make private contact.

      Why would he want private contact? That was a puzzling question.

      After November 23, 2015 when he went on his whisper, smear campaign on Twitter is when others began telling me about things that he did and tried to do using direct messages on Twitter, including dictating to them who to and not to follow.

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  2. Santiago,
    You’re sabotaging your own cases. Don’t blame me. After you were suspended from Twitter, you chose Soroya as your surrogate to harass, smear, and defame me and others who support me. You’re even trying to dox my son, whose name you don’t know. What did my son have to do with what happened between us? Do you want to dox my dog too?

    You apparently think there is some sort of gag order on me and others because in December, I gave my word to my friend that I would stop blogging about your case with Piercy, re: contempt. Well, I’ve not blogged about your case since I gave my word. You can’t change the “rules” mid-stream just because you want to carry out your threats without response.

    Or, maybe I should describe it using a boxing analogy since you say that you were a boxer. You only want to take fights with handicapped opponents so only you can throw punches and score points.

    You kicked and punched me for over 3 months before I spoke out. Just like domestic abusers, you want to isolate your victims and keep them quiet.

    “Your friends.” Yep, I’ve heard that used negatively. It must upset you that you failed to isolate me.

    Hopefully, you’ll attract new friends to your @EWE_Zodiac or @Mist3r_Jay twitter accounts. Just keep in mind that you told your lawyer that you closed all of your social media accounts. You lied.

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  3. This just sickens me to no end. I am glad I found out about him a long time ago. All of those freaks will pay one day. So sad! Xena, you are so special. I can’t believe how some stoop so low. Seriously.

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    1. Shyloh,
      Thanks for your kind words. I apologize for just seeing your comment. My largest fault was not keeping up on Twitter and not knowing about social media that he was on to see what he was doing. I heard that he was using soc accounts on Twitter, but those saying that were the people who harassed me and it seems to be one of their common accusations. Well, they say that experience is the best teacher.


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