Maxine Waters Reclaims Her Time

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D. California) reclaims her time when Steven Mnuchin attempted to evade relevant and important questions with respect to Mr. Mnuchin’s failure to respond to a lawful request of Congress. The Hill, refers to Mnuchin as the “Foreclosure King” for his alleged part in the national foreclosure crisis. It is also alleged that Mnuchin failed to report hundreds of millions of dollars he allegedly hid in offshore accounts.

It was evident in the below video that Mnuchin attempted to project, wasting valuable time, in an apparent effort not to directly respond to any of Mrs. Waters’ questions. He attempted to use passive aggressive compliments in a tortured effort to deflect from his failures. In a subsequent exchange with Congressman Keith Ellison, Mnuchin attempted to take a more direct argumentative approach, again in his effort to redirect the conversation away from the pointed and direct questions by Ellison. Ellison, a former Trial Lawyer, refused to allow Mnuchin to slither out of answering his direct questions.  In the heated exchange, Ellison also “Reclaims his time”.

The comedic exchange can be viewed below:

Keith Ellison’s exchange.

California Criminal Defense Attorney Suspended for 30 Days for Misconduct. Also found guilty of failure to file taxes and sentenced to 24 months in Federal Prison.

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Darryl Wayne Genis, an experienced Criminal Defense attorney, was suspended from the practice of law on October 9, 2015 for misconduct. Genis has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1980 and has no prior record of discipline. The State Bar found that Genis to be an accomplished criminal defense attorney, with a thirty-year record free from any discipline. On March 10, 2016, OCTC filed a two-count Notice of Disciplinary Charges (NDC) against Genis, and charged him with willful violations of: (1) section 6068, subdivision (d)(seeking to mislead a judge); and (2) section 6106 (moral turpitude/misrepresentation through knowledge or gross negligence). The Complaint alleges that  Genis was asked by a superior court judge four consecutive times, in part and collectively, whether he had touched, moved, or hid opposing counsel’s document during a trial recess. Genis repeatedly, and then categorically, denied the allegations. Videotape evidence from the courtroom showed otherwise and demonstrated that Genis had not been honest in his responses to the judge.

The Court found that during the recess, Genis walked over to Greene’s area three times.On each occasion, he looked at Greene’s materials, and in one instance, he took out his cell phone and appeared to take pictures. On his third visit to Greene’s table, he picked up Greene’s laminated placard, looked at it, and then placed it under several papers under the blotter at the end of the prosecutor’s table. The trial Judge reviewed the videotape of the morning recess, which revealed to him that:

“Mr. Genis approached the prosecutor’s counsel table and surveyed his surroundings. He appeared to read and rearrange some documents, then removed his cell phone and photographed something on the prosecutor’s table. Mr. Genis then proceeded to hide a document under a larger stack of papers.”

Mr. Genis was suspended from the practice of law for thirty (30) days.  Subsequently, on July 26, 2016, Mr. Genis entered into a plea agreement with the United States Attorneys Office, for willfully failing to file a tax return. On February 13, 2017, Genis was adjudged guilty and sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison. He was subsequently Ordered to pay $679,958 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).  On May 19, 2017, Genis began serving his sentence.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Holds Press Release on Alleged Police Evidence Tampering

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 

Ephesians 5:11-12

Baltimore State’s Attorney holds press conference to address a video, which has now gone viral, allegedly showing a Baltimore City Detective, while two other Officers watched, planting evidence at a crime scene, allegedly to frame an unidentified African American male. Deputy Attorney Janice Bledsoe and her former law partner Sandra Goldthorpe (who were some of the best Baltimore criminal defense lawyers in the State), addressed the room of reporters regarding the incident. Bledsoe, who famously represented Kenneth Perry, who in 2011, was found guilty of the 1998 murders of LaShawn Jordan, Kelly Bunn and Bunn’s unborn child.

Lashawn Jordan

LaShawn Jordan

Perry was previously convicted of the killings in 2001 and sentenced to life without parole, but a judge ordered the case retried after it was revealed that a prosecutor, Cassandra Costley, who died in 2015, had withheld some evidence from the defense.

Throughout the trial, Perry threatened Bledsoe; causing her to inform the Court that she received phone calls from several Baltimore City inmates indicating that she would be killed. Bledsoe stated in open court, outside the presence of the jury, that she was “Extremely Scared of Perry”. Shortly after the conviction, Bledsoe was hired as an Assistant State’s Attorney for the City of Baltimore. Goldthorpe was also hired soon thereafter. Based on Bledsoe’s impeccable experience in dealing with the criminal justice system; it is without question that she will zealously and vigorously determine what occurred in the underlying case. Mosby, who famously prosecuted 6 Baltimore City Police Officers, for the unfortunate killing of Freddie Gray has championed justice through transparency and accountability, despite, political pressure to do otherwise. See Baltimore Sun Article

The press conference can be viewed below.


Baltimore Detectives Caught Planting Drugs.

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BALTIMORE — A Baltimore officer has been suspended after defense attorneys released a body camera video they said shows the officer planting drugs.

The 90 seconds of footage has police investigating their own officers, but officials say there is more to this story than a short video clip showing officers planting drugs, CBS Baltimore reports.

Officials have since released more video to back up their claims as they continue to investigate these serious allegations.

The footage in a Baltimore alley is clear, as it was recorded on police body cameras, but the reason why the Baltimore police officer appears to be planting drugs is not.

What we think we see, and if you slow down the video especially in the first five seconds, the officer appearing to place a red can underneath some trash, push the fence up, and hide it,” said public defender Debbie Katz Levi.

The footage was caught on camera in January, but not discovered by a public defender in Levi’s office until this month.

Levi says the alleged act of planting drugs was caught because Baltimore police body cameras capture the 30 seconds before an officer actually hits the record button, but without audio.

When the sound does kick in, “he then walks down the alley and miraculously goes to the same space where he appeared to have just planted the can with the suspected narcotics,” Levi said.  On Wednesday, police fired back with extended footage tied to the same drug arrest.

It shows police searching the same southwest Baltimore yard minutes before, and finding another bag of suspected heroin.

Police are investigating if the officer planted the second set of drugs there or if he was recreating the discovery when his body camera was rolling.

“It’s certainly a possibility that we’re looking into, to see if the officers, in fact, replaced drugs that they had already discovered to document the discovery with their body-worn cameras on,” said Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Unanswered questions that could trickle down to other criminal cases on the court docket, as the officer in question is a witness in more than 50 other cases.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, a reporter asked Davis whether he was concerned that the video could jeopardize the other cases.

“No, I’m not concerned,” Davis said. “Obviously, we’re going to partner with them and look into those other cases.”

Following the discovery of the video, one officer was suspended, and two others are on desk duty while the Office of Professional Responsibility investigates.

The man arrested on drug charges tied to the video was set for trial last week, but the State’s Attorney’s Office dropped the case.

In the press conference, Davis said that they will look at “what happened, crimes committed, policies or procedures violated” and that he’s “convinced we’re going to get to the bottom of it, if evidence was planted and take assertive action if that’s the case.”

“This is a serious allegation of police misconduct,” David added. “There’s nothing that deteriorates the trust of any community more than thinking for more than one second that uniformed police officers — and police officers in general — would plant evidence of crimes on citizens.”

Officers Involved In The Death of Freddie Gray Charged In Administrative Action

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Freddie Gray

On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was taken into custody by Baltimore police officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller.  Freddie sustained a spinal injury in a police van ride and died on April 19, 2015.  Officer Ceasar Goodson was driving the van.

WBALTV reports that Lt. Brian Rice, Sgt. Alicia White and Officer Caesar Goodson have been suspended, pending termination.  They were found to have failed to follow policies for seat-belting Freddie Gray.

Officers Garrett Miller and Edward Nero who took Freddie into custody, face five days suspension without pay.

Officer William Porter, whose trial resulted in a hung jury, faces no punishment.

On July 29, 2016, charges were dropped by prosecutors after a jury deadlocked on charges against Porter, and a judge acquitted Rice, Goodson and Nero.

The internal discipline review, conducted by the Montgomery and Howard county police departments, determined the officers broke department rules.


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Police Officer Roy Oliver Charged With Murder For Killing 15-Year Old Jordan Edwards

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Jordan Edwards

On April 29, 2017, 15-year old Jordan Edwards was leaving a party with two of his older brothers.  He was in the passenger seat of a vehicle when shot in the head by Balch Springs, Texas patrol officer Roy Oliver.

The Balch Springs Police Chief was quick coming forth with the officer’s side of the story.  It was reported that Officer Roy Oliver was called to investigate reports of underage drinking at a house party.  When they arrived, they heard what they believed were gunshots.  A car of teenagers leaving the party was driving toward the police in reverse in an “aggressive manner.”  Oliver opened fire, striking Jordan Edwards in the head.   Jordan died at a hospital.

Roy Oliver was placed on administrative duty while the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the Dallas County District Attorney’ Office began investigating the shooting.  The Balch Springs Police Department began an…

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