Cleveland Police Officer Michael Amiott FIRED for the unlawful beating of an African American Motorist during a Traffic Stop

The Associated Press reported that disgraced Cleveland Police Officer Michael Amiott has been FIRED for the August 2017 beating of Richard Hubbard, III.  Amiott has previously been cited for loosing his temper last August when he forcefully used his gun as an impact weapon to subdue an alleged suspect. Also, he was forced to resign, in lieu of termination, from Mentor Police Department, for falsifying information in a police report. Despite these infractions, he was never terminated, disciplined or charged for his conduct.

Despite being terminated and the clear and unequivocal violation of Hubbard’s civil rights, the Euclid County Prosecutors Office has declined to file criminal charges.

It is anticipated that Amiott will appeal. The local Fraternal Order of Police has retained counsel on his behalf.