President Trump does little to address the catastrophic issues in the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are still in the dark after Hurricanes’ Harvey and Maria hit. The government barely has enough cash to keep it operating. Moreover, grocery retailers have shamelessly increased prices 150%. Islanders have to wait in line 2 hours or more just to get food. Islanders in St. Thomas and other parts of the island are under a 6:00 p.m. curfew, allegedly to prevent looting and other criminal acts from occurring. There are no operating local hospitals in St. Thomas. Moreover, the islanders are resorting to grilling what little food they have or creating make shift grills. This is truly and travesty. The only part of the island that has power is Downtown. ( See Photo Below)

st thomas
Downtown St. Thomas 10/04/2017


Where is the U.S. Government? How could they allow this much suffering? What are they going to do to help these suffering U.S. Citizens?