The Death of Alteria Mona Woods

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Alteria Mona Woods

Alteria Mona Woods was born on February 2, 1996, in Vero Beach, Florida. On the night of March 19, 2017, she was killed by the Indian River Sheriff’s when she was shot, multiple times, in what is being called a botched raid. Alteria, was a college student with aspirations of becoming a Doctor when she was killed. She was caught in the crossfire in a S.W.A.T raid at a suspected drug house belonging to her alleged boyfriend and his father; the alleged targets. The boyfriend has been identified as 23 year old Andrew Coffee IV, allegedly exchanged gun fire with police, while allegedly using Alteria as a human shield. It was also reported that Alteria was pregnant., however, an unreleased autopsy report has allegedly confirmed that she was not pregnant.  Both father and son were taken into custody. One Sheriff’s deputy was allegedly hurt in the shoot out.

The police department has failed to release any information on the Officers or provide the family with any specific information pertaining to the events that led to the alleged shootout. It is alleged that Alteria was shot over ten (10) times by the police.  One has to ask the question, why keep shooting, knowing that he is allegedly using an innocent bystander as a “Human Shield”?

The family of Alteria Woods have retained Attorney Richard Lee Allen, with the Law Offices of  Mateer and Harbert. It was reported that Attorney Allen will file a Lawsuit against the Indian County Sheriffs Office, for Excessive Force and Negligence.  In one interview, Attorney Allen stated that:

“They needlessly put Alteria in danger,” Allen said. “It endangers the entire community with that kind of attitude.”

It has also been reported that the Sheriffs office has been uncooperative  and untruthful. Notwithstanding, the unidentified Officers were not indicted.

Andrew Coffee IV
Andrew Coffee IV

Coffee, however, has been indicted and subsequently charged with the attempted murder of three of the Officers, contributing to the death of Miss Woods. Coffee has also been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Woods. Unfortunately, Coffee, at 23, is already a felon and is likely to receive life in prison.

This is a tragic story. If Coffee did in fact use his girlfriend as a human shield, then he is disgusting and deserves the full weight of the judicial system. Even assuming arguendo that he did not, the fact that he would engage in a shootout, instead of cooperating is likewise disturbing. His actions as alleged are not defensible. His actions are reprehensible.

Please also remember that he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

May Alteria Rest In Peace!!!!



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