Bakersfield NAACP Sounds the Alarm After Teenager is Assaulted by Local Police While Riding Bike

United States Hypocrisy

The following email was sent out by the Bakersfield, California chapter of the NAACP calling on Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, David Valadao, Kevin McCarthy, Andy Vidak, Karen Goh, the Bakersfield Police Department, and Lisa Green to hold the police officers who conducted the sadistic attack on 19 year old Tatyana Hargrove accountable for their actions.

 Bakersfield, California

Tatyana Hargrove is a 19 yr old girl who was beaten by Bakersfield police and maliciously attacked by a K9 police dog while riding her bike home. The reason? Police say they mistook her for an adult male suspect but throughout the encounter, Tatyana was never told why she was being arrested. “After they beat me and threw me in the cop car, that’s when they told me,” she said.

Tatyana stopped for a moment while riding her bike when  she saw three police cars and an officer pointing a gun at…

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