Maxine Waters Reclaims Her Time

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D. California) reclaims her time when Steven Mnuchin attempted to evade relevant and important questions with respect to Mr. Mnuchin’s failure to respond to a lawful request of Congress. The Hill, refers to Mnuchin as the “Foreclosure King” for his alleged part in the national foreclosure crisis. It is also alleged that Mnuchin failed to report hundreds of millions of dollars he allegedly hid in offshore accounts.

It was evident in the below video that Mnuchin attempted to project, wasting valuable time, in an apparent effort not to directly respond to any of Mrs. Waters’ questions. He attempted to use passive aggressive compliments in a tortured effort to deflect from his failures. In a subsequent exchange with Congressman Keith Ellison, Mnuchin attempted to take a more direct argumentative approach, again in his effort to redirect the conversation away from the pointed and direct questions by Ellison. Ellison, a former Trial Lawyer, refused to allow Mnuchin to slither out of answering his direct questions.  In the heated exchange, Ellison also “Reclaims his time”.

The comedic exchange can be viewed below:

Keith Ellison’s exchange.