Xena, A Fantastic Blogger and Friend


I’ve followed Xena’s blog, We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, for years.  Based on the About page, Xena opened We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident in August 2012.

Xena has received 29 awards for blogging. The awards include 2013 blog of the year, the Harmony and Peace Award, Word Press Family Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Bloggers for Peace Award, Dedicated Blogger Award for 2016, and Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

These are peer to peer awards and that’s the point.   To be nominated, you have to have peers who like and respect your work.  According to her website, there are over 900 subscribed followers.  As of 10/22/2016, Xena’s gravatar profile shows that there are currently 674 Word Press bloggers who follow her blog. That’s a lot of peers.

The blog’s home page shows that on 10/22/2016, it has been viewed 524,720 times.

Sitelinks info says that at least 34 websites have linked to Xena’s blog.

Actor, entertainer, radio and game show host Steve Harvey, linked to Xena’s blog.

Snopes links to Xena’s blog.

The University of New Mexico Press cited Xena’s blog in the footnotes of the book, New Mexico Demographics and Politics in 2050 for her article on Iraq War Veteran Jonathan Mitchell.

Xena’s post on the termination of prison guards in Florida’s Department of Corrections was posted to more than 3,000 Facebook pages.

The atmosphere of Xena’s blog is respectful and welcoming.   Lawyer, legal analyst and author Lisa Bloom has commented on Xena’s blog.

One can easily see the versatility of Xena’s blog by looking at her blog’s top menu.  She writes on a variety of things, including inspiration, happiness, gun control, LGBT rights, and promoting peace and equality for all.  No wonder she was also awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

Xena is an inspiration, encouraging other bloggers.  This is my time to encourage her.  Following her through the years, I am proud to say that Xena is my friend.

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