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There’s a lot of news and rather than writing separate posts, here are some summaries.

Hat tip to chuquestaquenumber1 for the following;

trendonTrenton Forster mugshot

Trenton Forster, 18-years old, has been charged with first degree murder for shooting death of St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder.  Officer Snyder was 33-years old, a husband and father of a 2-year old boy.   Officer Snyder was shot at point blank range.

Forster is a high-school drop-out with a pending felony marijuana charge.  More on this at

R.I.P. Officer Snyder.  Our condolences to your family…

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13 thoughts on “Open Discussion – Updates and Other News”

  1. I am now experiencing an issue similar to what Xena went though

    I got rid of my Facebook accounts about three months ago at the recommendation of the law school

    In the intervening time period my family and friends have received a flurry of friend requests from fake accounts made in my name operated by Xena and my stalker Santiago.

    Imagine if he put this much effort into filling out job applications or finishing his high school education.


    1. David,
      I’m not on Facebook. I’ve never opened an account on Facebook in your name. Several months ago, I got a call from someone delivering a message from Santiago saying that you were impersonating me on Topix. It didn’t take but a second for me to realize who it was and why. There are things that he has said via email that I’ve not publicly revealed. Tonya was the only person replying to “Xena” and her mockery and personal attacks were things that Santiago had emailed to or tweeted about me months earlier.

      While we were talking, Santiago did tell me that he plays Tonya like a fiddle. I didn’t know who she was until he brought her up, and even then didn’t really care because I had not known Tonya to say anything about or harass me.


        1. Where do I start, Piercy? When you are decent, I’m decent in return. When you are vile and indecent and I have something to say about harassment, I blog.

          I will not forget the vile, filthy comments you submitted to my blog, along with the racial slurs and insulting name-calling. Neither will I forget that you maliciously filed DMCA take down notices on my blog with intention to have Word Press suspend it. It’s good that you can be decent now, but only you can stop adding to your reputation as a filthy harasser by stopping that behavior.

          You seem to like Santiago. He started calling me a “zebra” and you adopted that racial slur. Santiago seems to like you. Everything that you did to him, he learned from it to do it to others.

          You guys seem to have a love-hate relationship and should be locked up in a room together for a week.

          Getting back to your comment, I’m not concerned about Soroya and/or Santiago trying anything against me in the courts. “Try” is all they can do. Soroya? Her radio interview speaks for itself. If Soroya is going to court on anyone, it should be Santiago. If it were not for him using her as his surrogate, I wouldn’t know her from Adam’s houseplant.


          1. It’s sad that you portray yourself as having clean hands. You do not. You are every bit as much guilty of harassment as everyone else. My chief grievance with you has always been your dishonesty. This is one more example of that.

            I would respect you more if you owned your guilt. We all make mistakes. Some of us own our mistakes and move on. Others double down on them. Until you own your role, you have chosen the latter.

            (fairly certain you will never allow this to be published)


            1. David,

              Xena- has nothing to do with approving/disapproving comments on “my blog”. I am approving your comment, solely, to give Xena an opportunity to respond. I have had no dealings with you, however, your reputation precedes you. I read comments on Blackbutterfly7 wherein you used various disgusting racial epithets. That is regrettable. You also indicated that you have no active Facebook account. However, what is this? (
              I hope that you will use your time in law school to check your behavior before it is time for the State of California to perform its fitness to practice investigation, assuming you’re successful with your studies. Based on your past conduct, I can only hope that you will cease your previous course of harassing others, using racial slurs & bigotry and deception, to name a few. These are characteristics unbecoming of an Officer of the Court and unbecoming of a “changed man”.

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            2. Piercy,
              I should have anticipated that once you were faced with your acts and words of harassment, that you would try to point the finger at me. Look — exposing your harassment is not harassing you.

              Dishonest? Did you not file 4 DMCA notices against my blog and say they would keep coming until Word Press suspended my blog? In case you forgot, screenshots of your comments are at the following:

              If you need to be reminded of anything else that I’ve said about your name-calling, etc., let me know and I’ll give you links to where they are posted.

              Unlike you, I don’t merely allege — I show. Now, can you show me any of my “mistakes”? Links please.


              “I would respect you more if you owned your guilt.”

              Why would you even think that I need your respect? You consistently demonstrate that you don’t respect yourself. Anyone who has to preface their statements to others with “idiot,” “moron,” “feral,” “mentally ill,” “retard,” “uneducated,” “stupid” and other name calling as you do, conveys that they have to put others down in order to think better of themselves. You can only give what you have — acquire self-respect first.

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            3. Here’s a professional description for David Piercy’s behavior;

              Bitter Troll: “Bitter Trolls are a curious cross-species. They can be trolls of any breed in their larval stages, but become Bitters after their previous activities are seen for what they were. What sets these trolls apart from other classifications is their behavior after they have been spotted and labeled as trolls. Angry, frustrated, and resentful about being “outed,” the Bitter Troll will wage a campaign of indignant complaints intended to focus attention away from the troll and on whomever is responsible for identifying the creature.”

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    1. HA! Soroya is giving legal advice? She’s not a licensed attorney to give legal advice.

      She doesn’t know the difference between Leatherman’s blog and my blog, and now she alleges that Piercy is posting on my blog? To the best of my recollection, Piercy’s not posted on my blog since back in November 2015. It was about an ACLU brief.

      She’s promoting a Santiago control method to control the decisions of blog administrators on who to allow to post comments, regardless of the content.

      And, why does she tweet to people she has blocked on Twitter?


        1. Supabutterfly,
          I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she doesn’t know better. She’s taking dictation. Remember, when she started her attack on me on September 10th, it was some type of theory that I was somehow responsible for comments made by others on Leatherman’s blog. Out of more than 1,000 followers to that public blog, she called me “no good” for not contacting Ebony — for something that the lawsuit against them does not allege.

          Later, she accused me of deleting the comments from my blog. They were never on my blog!


        2. Well supabutterfly, David Piercy isn’t far behind her. He came to state court for a restraining order and argued copyright, which is under federal law. He also cited a bankruptcy case in his appeal brief to argue that the appeal stayed a state-issue restraining order that prohibits harassing conduct. It didn’t stop there. He filed an Anti-Slapp motion in a restraining order case, which effectively admits to writing material that the plaintiff asked to be restrained. There is more. He believes that a deposition is evidence the same as an order of the court.

          And he wonders why nobody likes him.

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