The Real Intent And Motivation Behind Vicki Pate’s Misspelled Blog Title – Part 4

Stop Cyber Abuse

Vicki Pate Uses David Piercy’s DMCA Scheme in Effort To Have Another Blog Taken Down By WordPress.

David Piercy tried it to have Word Press take-down Blackbutterfly7.  Maybe he presumed that his failure to accomplish that was because Blackbutterfly7 was represented by legal counsel.  Maybe the next blog that the extortionists try that on will not have an attorney and the take-down will be successful.

In November 2014, Vicki Pate filed at least two DMCA take-down requests  against dothprotesttoomuch – two years after they posted the material she requested to be removed.  Her second DMCA take-down request must have had 50 things that she wanted to have removed.

She made a serious mistake after submitting her first DMCA take-down request.  On her second DMCA request, she used an address different than the one she used on the first complaint.  She also falsely represented her first name as “Victoria.” On…

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