The Real Intent And Motivation Behind Vicki Pate’s Misspelled Blog Title – Part 3

Stop Cyber Abuse

After almost two years, in effort to accomplish what Michael Thacker could not, David Piercy unzipped and exposed himself all the way, and Vicki Pate followed his lead.

On May 4, 2014, David Piercy submitted a comment to Blackbutterfly7 consisting of an extortion demand.

Photo 1

“I suggest you become familiar with wordpress’s (sic) delete feature.”

David Piercy’s statement did not infer. It did not insinuate. It leaves no room for speculation. There is no question about his intent. The Word Press delete feature deletes the entire blog, and the contents cannot be recovered through the Word Press program.  The domain name cannot be used again.

I did not delete the blog and could care less about his allegation of naming me as a party in a restraining order petition. I think of courtrooms as places similar to bathrooms — get rid of the crap and clean up. The best thing is…

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