Cyberharassment – Faces of Racism – Pt 4

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Lessons learned, old lessons remembered……

(Alert.  Some might find the content in the comments of others presented in this article to be offensive.)

Restraining Order Against Piercy Court’s order restraining Mr. Stalker from harassing scrodriguez, directly and indirectly.

Five words I would hear on a regular basis day in and day out when training as an amateur boxer; “Protect yourself at all times.” You hear those words time and time again in the gym, even while hitting heavy bags or doing mitt work. It’s important even during sparring although those sessions are controlled and not as intense as an actual fight.

The idea is to instill that way of thinking into your head so you keep your hands up, keep your head moving and your feet moving, thus reducing the chance of getting caught with a shot you don’t see only to deposit you on the canvas.

It’s the last set of words you…

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